About Us

Our Mission

We build forever homes: quality, custom homes that are meant to stand the test of time. At Hendren Homes, we know that a family home is more than 4 walls and a few bedrooms. Our custom design and build process is about meeting your family needs and helping you achieve your dream home. We want to build a beautiful home that functions perfectly for you and your family both now and into the future.

We employ the same skilled team throughout the entire year, guaranteeing a conscientious crew, accountability in our work, and the same exceptional craftsmanship in every home. Our employees are an extension of our family and we trust them to deliver the same high quality, modern, beautiful product every time.

Hendren Homes is also a proud member of the New Home Warranty Program of MB, giving you extra peace of mind while building your forever home.

Our Reputation

Hendren Homes is dedicated to the utmost in high standards, quality craftsmanship, and amazing customer service. Our business is different from most builders, measuring our success by getting it right for you and your family. While we aim to grow as a company, we aren’t interested in outgrowing our ability to keep our customers happy, which unfortunately seems all too common when people build new homes today. We’re a small builder who wants to stay that way.

We want to make sure that every home we build is created with our high standards and your dream in mind. Our family is personally on site for every build, ensuring that the promises made by our family to yours are delivered in the final product.

Simply put: to us, producing high quality forever homes is more important than becoming the largest builder in the area. Your happiness is our measure of success.